"I don't know if I can sing your praises enough. I knew the second I got engaged that I wanted no one other than you there to capture it. Matthew and I were so at ease with you & your team and you made it all so much fun for us. We can't wait to see the photos.  

You have such incredible interpersonal skills that make working with you such a joy. You would probably say you're just doing your job, but its how you do your job - your personality, creativity, energy, sense of humor and fun. You also stay incredibly calm & roll with the punches.  

Starting with when i was getting ready, you & Debra had me laughing - I felt like I was hanging out with old friends. You & your team had great chemistry. I know the pictures will turn out that much better because we felt so at ease with all of you. You & Debra have a great intuitive back & forth, and Chris has a real future I can tell. Please pass my compliments on to them. 

Now Matthew and I are coming down from the emotional high of a truly incredible weekend and one of the things we are asking ourselves is, what can we get Elizabeth to photograph for us next???" 

Dillon - New York, NY - Bride 

Elizabeth absolutely captured the highlights from my wedding in a way no one else could have for a number of reasons. It was really important for us to find the right photographer since, when it comes to planning your wedding, after all is said and done, the pictures are what you have left. The last thing we wanted were pictures that looked overly trendy, but we also didn’t want them to look like pictures we could take ourselves. Elizabeth’s style was the perfect mix of catching candid moments, but from a fresh perspective. Also, she is just so fun and easy to be around that it put me, my fiance and all of our family and friends at ease right away, which made for better pictures. On a day that should be a celebration, but can often be a stressful time, her calm demeanor (and hilarious stories) really helped us stay calm and enjoy the day. Additionally, she’s completely spontaneous and will see something in a moment that you didn’t, and those impromptu shots will end up being some of your favorite pictures. Lastly, she really LOVES photography and you can see how passionate she is about what she does. It’s that kind of spirit that takes some good or great wedding pictures and elevates them to unforgettable. And that’s what any bride hopes for from her wedding day. 

- Rosemary - Carmel, CA - Bride 

Elizabeth was the photographer at my wedding, but she was truly so much more. The word "photographer" doesn't capture what her role was that day. She documented the entire day in a raw and beautiful way. Many of her shots were candid (some of which I love the most), and she also did planned shots. Some were traditional and some were artistic. Elizabeth has the eye! She uses the light and the surroundings flawlessly. She was also always up for taking any pictures that were requested (i.e. family, friends) but also didn't need direction when the days events were unfolding. One thing I loved about Elizabeth is that she was able to capture the moment without stalling the moment. She moved quickly so that the "photo opportunities" didn't take over and become awkward. She didn't miss a moment, yet she was never in the way. Her presense was unobtrusive, in fact, she has such a positive and charismatic personality that it was a joy to have her there. I absolutely treasure the photos from my wedding day. The emotion, the excitement, the elegance- it's all there in my album. She is a true professional and that is evident in her pictures and in who she is. I can't recommend Elizabeth Kreutz highly enough. 

Amy Grace - Austin, TX - Bride 

I had worked with Elizabeth on some non-profit work for a certain pink organization. We clicked - pun intended - immediately and I had to have her photograph our wedding. It was a destination wedding in Las Vegas - only because we lived there - so everyone else got to come to a destination wedding, but Elizabeth packed up ALL her GEAR and headed out to Sin City. She was so fun to work with, and so professional - loved the vest-outfitty thingy! She made the wedding and our weekend. Would recommend Elizabeth in a heartbeat! She was really able to capture every moment in such perfection. Each shot was better than the first. We had a really hard time narrowing down our shots for our album. Just amazing. We love her! 

Beverly - Las Vegas, NV - Bride