Elizabeth is an award winning photojournalist who has photographed weddings for over ten years. She has also traveled the world capturing some of the most memorable moments in sports, from the Tour de France to the Olympics. She co-authored a book , Comeback 2.0, with cyclist Lance Armstrong, and her exclusive work with Lance led her to win the prestigious World Press Photo Contest as well as the Pictures of the Year International Contest. 

So why does this matter to you and your big day? Because Liz has experience navigating crowds and personalities in order to capture the unique images that say it all. She’ s a romantic at heart, and specializes in love stories. She translates the feel of your wedding day and gives it back to you in a way that will take your breath away. Brides (and mothers of the brides!) say her humor and good energy diffuse any jitters or elephants in the room, and everyone just feels better in her company. She’s calming, she’s creative, she’s spontaneous, she’s capable, and she’s got an eye that sees beneath the surface. And that is why her photographs document your life…because it’s what happened and how it felt while it was happening. She just gets it. 

Her own love story features her gorgeous husband James Bonney, and their too-cute-to-be-real sons, Charlie and Ben. They live and play in Austin, Texas.